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10 Ways to Strengthen Weak Legs

What number of instances have you ever heard your pal and neighbors complaining about ache of their legs? Or you will have the signs your self? The sensation you simply can’t stand straight, your legs can’t carry you?

Varied causes could also be inflicting these issues: poor blood circulation, nerve harm, arthritis, unwanted side effects of prescribed medicines, over-activity, diabetes, dietary deficiencies, dehydration, lack of train, again ache. To place it in different phrases, leg weak point means decreased power.

Certainly one of each legs may be affected and situation could differ from gentle to extreme. The ache in your legs and muscle tissue usually include different signs: muscle spasms, burning sensation, again ache, lack of muscle coordination, redness, swelling, the sensation of instability.

In an effort to assist your self, you will have to alter your food plan and your each day routine. Which means eat more healthy, get correct train, drink sufficient liquids, and get correct relaxation, since sleep is essential, as a stress aid.

Additionally, you possibly can attempt with do-it-yourself pure treatments and methods at dwelling. However for those who endure from chronical ache and weak point in your legs, it’s our recommendation to see your physician.

Check out our 10 methods to strengthen your legs:

Therapeutic massage

By massaging your legs, you enhance blood circulation. It additionally reduces the ache and swelling. Therapeutic massage your legs with olive, coconut or mustard oil. Gently therapeutic massage them for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day, lengthy as wanted.

Go for a stroll


Strolling is just not solely good in your muscle tissue however in your entire well being. It improves circulation, lowers stress degree and makes you are feeling higher. Stroll for no less than 30 minutes, no less than 5 instances every week. And that’s only for the beginning. After feeling higher and having your power again, you possibly can attempt jogging, operating, trekking or swimming – all these will make you are feeling stronger and more healthy and can lower your leg ache.

Leg exercise

Sequence of focused train will construct up your muscle power. A few of the finest workouts that you are able to do at dwelling are heel slide, quad press, straight leg increase, hamstring strengthening,

Swiss ball squats, lunges, hip abduction aspect mendacity, adductor squeeze, resistance band knee extension and resistance band hamstring curls. Ensure you train on each day foundation however don’t push your self too arduous, since you do not need to extend ache you are feeling. Seek the advice of your physician in regards to the exercise you deliberate.

Yoga or Tai Chi can be recommendable.

Vitamin D


It’s confirmed that Vitamin D is important for our well being and the deficit of this vitamin may cause us varied issues. We now know that the scarcity of Vitamin D is related to muscle weak point, in accordance with a 2002 research revealed within the American Society for Medical Diet journal. It helps with absorbance of two minerals – calcium and phosphorus, that are necessary for wholesome bones.

Spend a while within the daylight, however be sure you shield your pores and skin from unhealthy UV rays. Additionally, eat extra vitamin D wealthy meals like fish (salmon, sardines, and mackerel), drink low fats milk, orange juice and cereals. Seek the advice of your physician over the dietary supplements you could take.

Enhance fluids consumption


Dehydration is among the essential causes of leg weak point and muscle cramps. By growing your fluids consumption this situation could disappear. Merely, drink extra water to forestall dehydration. Eat extra water-based meals, vegatables and fruits to maintain your physique hydrated. Skip caffeinated and alcoholic drinks that dehydrate your physique. For those who endure from kidney issues, all the time seek the advice of your physician.

Blackstrap Molasses


Blackstrap Molasses is an effective supply of varied wholesome elements: iron, B nutritional vitamins, calcium and potassium. To strengthen your muscle tissue and stop weak point, attempt consuming this syrup. Iron helps with anemia, vitamin B is important for wholesome muscle tissue and potassium retains the electrolyte steadiness within the physique. Combine 1 tbsp. of blackstrap molasses in a cup of milk of scorching water and drink twice a day. Or you possibly can take 2 tbsp. of blackstrap molasses and unfiltered apple cider vinegar into 1 cup of water and drink as soon as a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is one thing which may be useful and efficient for weak legs. It’s wealthy in minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium in addition to B nutritional vitamins that assist make your muscle tissue robust. Its acetic acid content material helps your physique take up important minerals from the meals you eat.

Combine 1 to 2 tablespoons of uncooked, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of heat water. Add slightly uncooked honey and lemon juice. Drink this tonic a couple of times each day.



Dairy merchandise are wealthy in calcium, protein, and different vitamins that assist construct muscle tissue. As well as, being electrolytes, they maintain your physique well-hydrated. You possibly can enrich a glass of low-fat milk with chopped figs, dates and almonds, after which drink it for added power.



Varied herbs may help us battle totally different situations and sicknesses. It’s usually beneficial by herbalists to incorporate horsetail into our food plan, for the reason that excessive silica content material helps improve muscle power, assists muscle tissue to contract and improves bone density. Put together horsetail tea and drink 2 to three cups for no more than 2 weeks at a time.

As a substitute of consuming tea, you possibly can take horsetail dietary supplements however seek the advice of your physician for proper dosage and period.

Eat Wholesome


What most likely causes all the issue you will have together with your legs and also you might not be conscious of it – is your poor food plan. Ensure you take all of the nutritional vitamins and minerals type the contemporary fruit and greens, since they’re needed in your well being. Embody proteins additionally to scale back weak point within the legs, add eggs, yogurt, soy meals and nuts.

Magnesium additionally improves muscle well-being; add pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, lima beans, and spinach as your wholesome snacks. Potassium is essential additionally, so eat extra potassium-rich meals like baked potatoes and candy potatoes with the pores and skin, bananas, plums, raisins, prune juice and tomato juice.


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