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7 Acupressure Points For Weight Loss

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Sooner than starting acupressure treatment for weight discount, it’s essential search the recommendation of your doctor to debate the hazards and benefits of acupressure and whether or not or not your physique might be able to cope with and reply to the treatment.

Acupressure pressure elements for weight discount

Listed below are the necessary factor pressure elements which will let you drop some kilos.

1. Ear Degree

It is also known as auricular pressure stage. To hunt out the aim, place your finger in the direction of your jaw on both sides, switch your jaw up and down, and shift your fingers till you uncover the aim the place the jaw has most movement. Apply pressure for one minute (or as a lot as three minutes).


  • Controls urge for meals
  • Helps stop overeating

Evaluation has nonetheless confirmed that although auricular acupressure does reduce your BMI, you possibly can reduce further via the usage of vaccaria seeds on the ear elements. What you do proper right here is tape the seeds to the ear stage and apply pressure.

One different analysis revealed throughout the journal Acupuncture in Medication: BMJ, found that auricular acupressure blended with a low-calorie consuming routine significantly decreased leptin (uncontrolled meals consumption hormone) ranges. Nevertheless they weren’t constructive in regards to the mechanism of this low cost.

2. Abdomen Degree

That’s positioned 3cm underneath your abdomen button. Use two fingers to therapeutic therapeutic massage the world (switch your fingers up and down gently). Press the pressure stage for 2 minutes. Therapeutic therapeutic massage as soon as extra. Do this twice a day.


  • Enhances digestive system functioning
  • Reduces constipation

three. Abdomen Sorrow Degree

This pressure stage is positioned in step with the ear lobe beneath the ultimate rib of the ribcage in entrance of your physique. Therapeutic therapeutic massage gently after which curve your fingers and apply pressure to the aim for 5 minutes day-to-day.


  • Relieves indigestion, ulcers, and ache throughout the┬áchest
  • Balances urge for meals

4. Knee Degree

That’s the pressure stage for the stomach. It is located 5cm underneath the knee cap on the outer facet of the leg. To hunt out the pressure stage, place your fingers one-hand-width down. Then switch within the route of the floor of your leg, 1-finger-width off the shin bone. You understand you’ve found the suitable spot in case you flex your foot up and down and will actually really feel the muscle switch beneath your finger. Apply pressure for 1 to 2 minutes.


  • Improves digestion throughout the stomach
  • Decreases hunger
  • Nourishes the blood

5. Ankle Degree

That’s the pressure stage for the spleen, an organ that aids digestion. The aim is located on the interior facet of the leg, 5cm (one hand width) above your ankle. Therapeutic therapeutic massage the world and apply pressure on the aim collectively together with your knuckle or thumb for 1 minute. Launch slowly. It is safer to not use this pressure stage in case you might be pregnant.


  • Strengthens your digestive system for larger functioning
  • Helps elimination of wastes

6. Elbow Degree

That’s the pressure stage for thrilling the carry out of the huge intestine. To seek out the pressure stage switch a thumb-width distance out of your elbow joint to the inside crease of your elbow. Preserve your hand close to your chest. Apply pressure for 1 minute. Repeat with the other arm.


  • Removes further heat and waste water from the physique

7. Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)

Although this acupressure technique is used to launch/ take away trauma and fear, analysis have confirmed that it’d help with weight discount and additional so with weight discount repairs.

This Is The Technique

Collectively together with your thumb and fourth finger, calmly press the fragile portion of the within nook of each eye.

With the middle finger of the equivalent hand, frivolously contact your third eye (immediately above the nostril and half-inch above the eyebrow diploma).

Place your completely different hand behind your head, the palm cradling the occiput (area the place the highest sits on the neck) and the thumb pointing down.

Think about a set of affirmations/ statements, lowering weight on this case, whereas holding the TAT pose.

Apply this day by day. You’ll be able to do it for 20 to 30 minutes at a time or use all of it via the day.

Acupressure does help with weight discount, nonetheless to truly see the excellence you may prepare and eat a healthful and balanced meals plan as properly.

Combine acupressure with healthful consuming habits and common prepare, and see your self shed some kilos!

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