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Alkaline Water Can Kill Cancer Cells: Here’s How You Can Prepare It

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Persistent acidity in our physique is the one accountable for quite a few extreme illnesses, together with most cancers. When you introduce alkaline water into your weight loss plan, you’ll be able to cut back danger of most cancers and different illnesses, since this needed to advertise correct physique perform.

What Is Alkaline Water?

This water is a water that has over 7 pH worth. Simply to get higher perception, pure rain water is taken into account to be impartial with a pH of seven and all of the values beneath 7 are acidic. The human physique doesn’t have particular pH worth, since each organ has its personal worth.

Why Is Alkaline Water Good for Our Well being?

Many individuals don’t know, however consuming alkaline water regularly can enhance our well being. Since our physique is made 80% out of water, any pH imbalance can disrupt regular functioning.

The worst factor in terms of our weight loss plan is that could be very acidic. Caffeine, salt, refined sugar, alcohol and all of the processed meals carry solely imbalance to our physique’s pH values. This may trigger weakened immunity and several other severe illnesses, comparable to most cancers.

However, it’s not good to have a very alkaline physique, since it could actually additionally trigger imbalance in terms of the pH worth.

Since most cancers cells can not stay in an alkaline physique, it’s suggested to drink alkaline water regularly. This may carry you energy and enhance your immunity.

Learn how to Make Alkaline Water?


  • 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • 2l purified water
  • 1 natural lemon, sliced


You could pour water in a jar and add the lemon slices. Ultimately add Himalayan salt and shut jar tightly. Depart it in a single day on the room temperature. Drink about three glasses of this water each morning on an empty abdomen.


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