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Amazing Health Properties: Use Potato to Heal Your Body

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The potato has excessive quantity of potassium, niacin, thiamin and in addition vitamin C, in order that makes it one fairly wholesome veggie. One of the simplest ways to consumption all of these vitamins is to consumption uncooked potato juice, as a smoothie, or to make use of it in medical functions.

All of the Vitamins in Potato Juice

Vitamin C, potassium, niacin and thiamin are contained in potato juice, and one cup of this juice gives you with about 20% of beneficial dietary consumption of those vitamins.

How and For What to Use Uncooked Potato

The well being advantages of this veggie are quite a few, and cures product of it are handed down by way of generations. So, listed here are some nice methods to make use of it.


Chop potato into skinny slices and put them onto your brow. It’ll deal with persistent complications very quickly, and for higher impact, drink 1/four cup of potato juice earlier than each meal.

Burned pores and skin, cuts and sores

Grind a small quantity of potato and blend it with olive oil or honey. Apply it on affected spot and canopy it with a bandage, you’ll be able to even put sliced potato for a couple of minutes on the burned place. It’ll heal it very quickly.

Enhance Liver Perform

If you wish to enhance your liver operate, then it’s important to make a potato pores and skin tea. It is vitally straightforward make – you simply have to boil peelings from potato for a number of minutes. Pressure it, and when it’s chilly, drink it.

Discount of Swelling and Itching

Apply sliced potato onto swollen pores and skin. It’ll relax affected space. It’ll additionally cut back the implications of insect bites or dermatitis.

Get rid of Drained Eyes

Put a slice of potato in your eyelids, and depart it for a few minutes. It’ll awaken your drained eyes.


Simply remember the fact that an excessive amount of of a uncooked potato will be poisonous, so the beneficial dosage is half a cup per day.


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