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Band Exercises – Shoulders and Arms

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Shoulders workouts:

Overhead press – stand over the middle of your band with ft aside. Take agency maintain of every deal with, inserting your palms at shoulder degree together with your palms dealing with one another, ensuring that your thumbs can contact your shoulders. Press up and rotate your palms ahead as you prolong your arms. Afterwards, decrease again down slowly.

Lateral elevate – stand together with your ft positioned simply over the middle of your tube band, ensuring they’re aside. Grip every deal with together with your arms down at your sides, with palms dealing with in. Whereas bending your elbows barely, elevate your arms out to the aspect till they’re shoulder-level.

Upright row – together with your ft positioned over the middle of your band, grip each of the handles and place them with palms in entrance of your thighs. Whereas pulling the band up towards the entrance of your physique, hold your elbows bent and positioned extremely.


Arms workouts:

Standing biceps curl – ensure you stand together with your ft aside and positioned on high of the band’s midpoint. Seize a deal with in every hand together with your arms down. With palms dealing with in entrance of you, pull your arms towards the shoulder space by bending your elbows.

Triceps kickback – stand in a ahead lunging place, ensuring your proper foot is up entrance, and over the band’s heart. Place your arms at your sides with palms dealing with behind you whilst you maintain every finish of the band. Bend on the space of your elbows till your forearms are parallel to the bottom. Afterwards, press down the arms and push the band behind your physique till the arms prolong to their max.


Overhead triceps extension – sit on a chair or a close-by bench and place the middle of a tube band beneath your glutes. Take a deal with in every hand, and transfer your arms up and stretch them whereas bending your elbows in order that your palms get behind your neck. Along with your palms positioned towards the ceiling, press your arms up till they prolong totally. Decrease again down, ending the transfer.


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