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DIY: The Baking Soda Hair Magic Secret

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Are you conscious that easy baking soda is a remarkably simple and handy technique to cleanse our hair? Sure, unusual that it could sound initially, it is rather true. What surprises me much more is that it really works higher than many of the different generally used options. Ever since I began utilizing baking soda as an alternative of conventional shampoo my hair has began trying means higher.

Additionally, this is likely one of the greatest options for the do it your self (DIY) buffs in search of a technique to cut back publicity to probably dangerous chemical compounds which might be the foremost components in shampoos, conditioners and different such merchandise.

For these of us who will not be conscious of the dangerous chemical compounds which might be current in our common shampoos here’s a small record:

  • Laureth Sulfate
  • Di-Sodium Lauryl
  • DEA/Diethanolamine
  • Perfume enhancing chemical compounds
  • Parabens

What is maybe most stunning (and scary) is that the fragrances, which might be the foremost constituent in all the wonder merchandise are literally produced from nicely above 4000 completely different chemical components!

Chances are you’ll marvel how it began. Frankly, like anybody else, I personally had nothing in opposition to shampoos and however after I found that’s my pretty mane of hair was scaling down because of the numerous …

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