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Eliminate Cysts and Fibroids with Only Two Ingredients

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Simply a mixture of two substances could make cyst and fibroids disappear, and each substances are very straightforward to search out.

First one is houseleek, firstly discovered by historical individuals. Greeks and Romans used this plant to stop them from pests, bugs and caterpillars. This can be a very sturdy plant and it could possibly survive any climate situation, and its identify means “at all times dwelling”.

Honey is one other ingredient, and everyone knows its therapeutic properties. Here’s what you must do to get a easy treatment towards cyst and fibroids.


  • 300g leaves of houseleek
  • 500 g honey


Slice the leaves of houseleek, put them in a jar, and add honey. Go away this combination for two or three days till the leaves are actually soaked.

Throughout the winter, our immunity can go down, and this treatment will stimulate metabolism and cleanse your physique, so you’ll really feel purified and wholesome.

It’s believed that this treatment additionally cures coronary heart illness, and in addition to that it could possibly do miracles with regards to treating of uterine and ovarian cysts.


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