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Famous Doctor Claims Homemade Remedy Cures Cancer

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Dr. Hristo Mermerski claims this drug helped hundreds of most cancers sufferers. This drug allegedly cleanses veins, heals the guts, boosts immunity, and cleanses each kidneys and liver. Moreover, it improves mind functioning, prevents reminiscence loss, and helps the sufferers who suffered stroke or coronary heart assault. A very powerful, it’s wonderful for stopping numerous most cancers sorts.

Substances wanted:

  • 15 contemporary natural lemons
  • 12 garlic bulbs
  • 1 kg of selfmade honey
  • 400 grams of younger inexperienced wheat or sprouted permeated with germs
  • 400 grams of contemporary walnuts

The best way to put together it:

Grind the wheat with walnuts and garlic. Additionally grind 5 lemons with peel and blend all of it collectively. Squeeze the juice out of the 10 remaining lemons and blend it with the opposite combination till you’ve got a homogeneous ensuing combination. Add the honey into it and stir nicely. Go away it for three days to take a seat within the fridge after which begin to eat it.

The best way to use it:

Devour 1 tablespoon 30 minutes earlier than any meal. When you use the treatment for treating most cancers, that you must take one or two teaspoons on each two hours.

Dr. Mermerski claims this combination helps with all of the illnesses talked about earlier. This treatment comprises all the required nutritional vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, and wholesome fats. It considerably improves well being and treats the illnesses with success.

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