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Feet Tell Us More About Ourselves Than We Ever Knew

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Ever because the historic instances, China and India practiced foot studying. It’s folks’s perception the toes are a mirror of our physique and soul. Toes can replicate our well being, each bodily and psychical.

A reflexologist, Jane Sheehan claims that toes inform a lot about folks, from their digestive system perform to the state of their relationship. Simply by taking a look at somebody’s toes, a lot may be understood.

In her information, she explains what does the form of your toes and toes inform about you.

Massive toe

Massive toe persons are artistic and sensible. They at all times discover a resolution to their issues. Small toe folks, however, are environment friendly and charismatic.

Second toe

These persons are born leaders. They’re dynamic and inventive, however may be bossy. Nevertheless, folks with smaller second toe will not be a pushover, nevertheless it means they need concord.

Third toe

If this toe is comparatively lengthy, it means these persons are energetic and might obtain a lot. They’re additionally workaholics, who typically can overlook methods to have enjoyable with their household and buddies. Quick third toe folks respect having fun with life.

Fourth toe

Household means every part to them. They’re additionally nice listeners.

Little toe

They will typically act as youngsters. They keep away from tasks and are may be bored simply. Witty and easy-going folks.

The form of your toes can be vital.

Extensive toes

These persons are exhausting employees and at all times to go. Being busy is what makes them completely happy.

Lengthy slim toes

They are often spoiled and keep away from exhausting work, but additionally respect magnificence of their life.


Individuals with excessive arches are impartial and spend quite a lot of time on their very own.  Low arches folks take pleasure in firm of others and love having a very good time with buddies.


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