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GRAVIOLA – 10 000 Times Stronger Power Than Chemotherapy (with Video)

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Graviola, also called soursop is a fruit full of wholesome vitamins. It’s believed it acts as a pure remedy for most cancers due to its richness in therapeutic elements.

Graviola is a fruit that heals might ailments. It is strongly recommended to individuals affected by: colon most cancers, prostate most cancers, liver most cancers, lung most cancers, and breast most cancers. Folks additionally name it ’magical plant’ from Amazon rainforest and locals have been utilizing it for hundreds of years now for treating bronchial asthma, liver issues, arthritis, coronary illness. Its therapeutic properties assist with micro organism and fungi infections, retains blood stress regular, fights despair and anxiousness.

This plant grew to become actually in style in up to date various drugs and information about its powers involves us by the velocity of sunshine. It’s best recognized for its miraculous most cancers remedy. Some consultants declare the fruit is destroying solely unhealthy cells and leaving these wholesome – untouched. It’s believed it has 10 000 occasions stronger energy than chemotherapy.

It helps us by:

  • defending our immune system
  • destroying most cancers cells with out negative effects
  • prevents from deadly ailments

Graviola (Annona muricata) is an evergreen plant and it originates from Center and South America, largely utilized by Indians of their various medical practices. Graviola is inexperienced coloured fruit with candy style, which resembles us of pineapple and strawberry combination with creamy coconut / banana taste.  You’ll be able to both eat graviola uncooked or make a juice which it actually wholesome. Checks ran in laboratories confirmed that extracted graviola kills 12 totally different most cancers varieties. It is usually believed it kills solely malignant cells.

In the present day it may be discovered within the Caribbean, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela and in addition in Africa and Southeast Asia. It lives in very humid areas the place winters usually are not harsh. Graviola plant can not survive lower than 5 levels Celsius.

It’s a low tree progress, consists of tree bark, leaves, root, a fruit and seeds. Graviola seeds are already recognized from historic Indian drugs and African various drugs, curing the next: coronary ailments, bronchial asthma, liver ailments and arthritis. Additionally is useful with bacterial and fungi infections, with diarrhea situations, edema, and rheumatic signs. The entire plant could be very wholesome not simply the seeds.


Graviola is an actual nature’s gem with its therapeutic properties. Researches started within the 1970s and by now we all know it kills broken cells and brings our immune system again to regular.

  • In Brazil Amazon – graviola tea is used as a liver remedy.
  • In Peru Amazon – graviola leaves tea it ready as a remedy for diabetes kind 2 and a chilled product.
  • In India – graviola tea is really useful for higher sleep, remedy for liver, remedy in opposition to chilly and remedy for a hangover.
  • In Africa – it’s used an analgesic. In all these nations, graviola is historically used as fever drugs, diarrhea and for bettering lactation for breast-feeding moms.

For those who ever come round this fruit, earlier than you put together it, be sure to mix it properly however rigorously take away the seeding previous to it. The seeds might be poisonous however are environment friendly in preventing tics and moths.

They are saying graviola kills broken cells with out negative effects: no nausea, extreme hair fall out, no weight reduction.

Catholic College in South Korea claims to have confirmed protected remedy in most cancers curing, by preserving the wholesome cells and destroying solely the broken ones, which in not the case with the chemotherapy.


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