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Houseleek and Honey: Natural Remedies for healing of many health issues as well as Ovarian Cysts and Myoma

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Houseleek extract and Honey are very helpful for therapy of many illnesses in addition to Ovarian Cysts and Myoma.

Myoma is usually a benign development on the graceful muscular wall of the uterus. A uterine myoma (additionally referred to as myomauteri) results in a strong tumor that’s fabricated from fibrous mass, therefore it’s also referred to as ‘fibroid’ tumor.

Amongst the various pure cures which have grow to be frequent in an try to rid of those tumors and cysts in a pure approach, Houseleek and Honey are used most extensively as they’ve a really optimistic impact on the therapy.

Houseleek known as “Semprevivum tectorum” in its authentic Latin kind, which implies “ever-living”; thus suggesting that Houseleek is indestructible, regardless of the encompass circumstances or the setting. It’s broadly believed that the houseleek transfers its huge therapeutic vitality to the home the place it grows and results therapeutic manifold.

The Houseleek is a 5 – 25 inches excessive perennial herb which has thick leaves which can be juicy and organized within the type of a rosette. Houseleek is a strong plant that doesn’t want frequent watering. It wants much less water, a facet that resembles traits of cactus. Within the interval from July to October it blooms, and therefore it’s this era throughout which its leaves for natural teas and different such preparations could be collected.

There are a variety of the way houseleek can be utilized in type of a great natural substitute for eradicating and therapeutic of many well being points in addition to Ovarian Cysts and Myoma. A few of these are –

  1. Freshly Extracted Houseleek Juice: Contemporary houseleek juice additionally cures burns, corn and warts, insect bites, solar spots and pores and skin freckles, herpes chapped pores and skin and lots of such pores and skin associated points. Not solely that, it additionally helps in circumstances of sore ear, sore gums and sore throat.
  1. Houseleek Tea: Consumption of tea brewed from houseleek leaves makes urination simpler in those that undergo from such issues and in addition helps easing the painful and heavy menstrual cycle.


Methodology to make Houseleek tea:

Elements – 2 teaspoons of dry crushed houseleek leaves, 1 cup of water.


Convey the water to boil and pour it over the leaves. Cowl with a lid and depart it for an hour, your tea is now learn to drink.

  1. Houseleek and Honey as Pure House Treatment:



About 250 Gms dried houseleek leaves and 400 Gms honey


Houseleek leaves are dried and floor to a positive powder and combined with honey. This combination is then left combination to remain for 3 days or extra.

Utilization – One spoon of this combination is to be consumed very first thing early morning. Throughout winters since our bodily exercise usually reduces it might result in construct up toxins in our physique. This combination of houseleek and honey has an impact upon our metabolic charge, rushing it up thus serving to the physique to take away toxins. It additionally helps in therapy of ovarian cysts in addition to the myoma within the uterus.

  1. Houseleek Ointment:

The houseleek ointment is a really potent house treatment in case of and is ready as given beneath:

We are going to want:

  • 1 small bowl of houseleek leaves that are finely chopped
  • 200 Gms of fats.

Methodology of Preparation:

All of the substances are combined completely in a cup heated on average to low flame; the temperature is intentionally saved low to make sure that the fats melts. Thereafter, it’s left to chill for 12-14 hours. Thereafter, the combination placed on flame or oven as soon as once more to softly warmth the combination until it grow to be clean liquid.

That is then drained and put in an hermetic jar and saved in a fridge.

This houseleek ointment helps in therapeutic wounds; particularly these attributable to extreme affect or crushing, lengthy standing festering wounds, swellings, pores and skin freckles and sunspots, fistulas and. insect bites.

Word: These natural primarily based house cures must be used with warning with skilled medical recommendation and, as a complement to the primary treatment.

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