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How To Make The Ultimate Green Micronutrient Super-Smoothie Everyday

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Dr. Rhonda Patrick reveals her micronutrient smoothie, what elements she makes use of and the vitamin and mineral output that comes together with it.

Her  64 fluid ounce smoothie comprises all natural elements – together with the next:

  • eight giant kale leaves
  • Four-6 rainbow chard leaves with stems
  • three cups (| 710 ml) of child spinach
  • 2 medium to giant carrots
  • 1 tomato, 1 giant avocado
  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • 1 cup (| 710ml) of blueberries (recent or frozen).
  • 1 tall shot glass of flaxseed (elective).
  • three cups (| 710 ml) of unsweetened flax milk.

Rhonda notes that of the 64 ounces, she often drinks about half (giving the opposite half to her husband).

Not solely are smoothies straightforward to digest, they’re a fast technique to combine numerous selection into one easy meal, probably offering all of the issues your physique wants in a single drink.

The quantity of useful nutritional vitamins and minerals discovered on this slamming smoothie are noteable. These with asterix point out that there’s greater than the RDA (reccomended day by day quantity).

magnesium 588 mg *.
calcium mg 2,116 mg *.
potassium 5,883 mg *.
vitamin Ok 5,239 μg *.
vitamin C 630 mg *.
vitamin E 9 IU.
vitamin A Four,530 μg *.
vitamin D2 600 IU.
beta carotene 53.5 mg.
vitamin B6 three mg *.
pantothenic acid Four.Four mg *.
vitamin B12 1.eight μg.
thiamin zero.6 mg.
riboflavin zero.9 mg.
niacin 10 mg.
folate 480 μg *.
manganese 9.6 mg *.
phosphorous 700 mg *.
zinc Four.5 mg.
copper 1.9 mg *.
selenium 10 μg.
iron 10.eight mg *.
sodium 985 mg.
lutein + zeaxanthin 390 mg.
ALA Four,684 mg * *.
fiber 49 g * *.


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