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Jelena Djokovic – Ultimate Diet

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Jelena, the spouse of tennis #1, Novak Djokovic, advocates for wholesome residing and correct weight loss program. She, herself follows this life-style, and it’s not solely well being sensible.

Jelena prepares meals herself, and states it’s simple to organize but additionally wholesome and wealthy in vitamins.

She shares with you one instance of her breakfast the opposite day: oats, hemp seeds, poppy (root plant), kamu kamu (fruits like cherries), nettle, almond butter, cinnamon, cocoa, banana, strawberry, blueberry and coconut milk.

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What you’ll be able to be taught from Novak & Jelena’s weight loss program is that meat doesn’t must be on our menu on daily basis.

’’The picture is probably not so enticing, however consider it’s tremendous scrumptious: carrot and parsnip with orange juice. Pop them into the oven till get a tad darker shade. Add tahini, roasted sesame seeds, and nettle above the greens and stir it in a pan. It’s simple, quick, and really totally different from ordinary meals’’ Jelena mentioned.

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She additionally said he doesn’t devour meat, fish, dairy, or sugar. Her weight loss program is 70% uncooked, 30% cooked (soups, pasta, quinoa, rice). She doesn’t have gluten drawback, but she avoids it, since gluten is dangerous for you anyway.

It’s arduous, we needed to know? No, if you’re effectively knowledgeable and know what you might be doing. These are necessities.

Jelena could be very fortunate she has a accomplice who can be dedicated to staying wholesome, important and robust. She mentioned their diets differ a bit.

Jelena’s motto is: ’’Meals you eat is your gasoline of the day. Verify should you selected the suitable one!’’


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