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Jin shin Jitsu: Learn How To Cure Organs In 5 Minutes

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Jin shin Jitsu is an historical Japanese artwork of therapeutic. The purpose is in stimulation of sure factors of the arms. It’s how one can obtain the emotional and well being steadiness.  This method relies on urgent the fingers of your arms. It could be thought of as acupressure as nicely, however have in mind it isn’t the identical technique of therapeutic.

How does it work?

This technique helps us act upon some organ by solely taking on the finger with the opposite hand and holding it tightly for 3 to 5 minutes. You need to breathe deeply whereas doing so, and afterwards you need to therapeutic massage each finger on each of your arms. The typical time spent on every finger must be practically three minutes.

Right here is the scheme you need to comply with, explaining which organs are linked to every finger.


  • Organs: abdomen and spleenwort
  • Feelings: nervousness and melancholy
  • Bodily signs: pores and skin points, abdomen ache, nervousness, headache

Index finger:

  • Organs: urinary bladder and kidney
  • Feelings: concern, confusion, discontent
  • Bodily signs: ache within the again, within the muscle mass and tooth ache, issues with digestion

Center finger:

  • Organs: yolky bitter and liver
  • Feelings: rage, irritability and indetermination
  • Bodily signs: menstrual ache, migraines, complications, particularly within the frontal space, tiredness, issues with circulation

Ring finger:

  • Organs: massive gut and lungs
  • Feelings: disappointment, concern, negativity
  • Bodily signs: bronchial asthma and different respiratory issues, digestion issues, pores and skin circumstances


  • Organs: small gut and coronary heart
  • Feelings: nervousness, nervousness and absence of self-confidence
  • Bodily signs: ache within the throat, coronary heart illness, issues with bones

By following this therapeutic technique it’s possible you’ll assist your self drastically. It’s a straightforward Do-It-Your self therapy, and by practising it, you possibly can excellent it, thus keep away from going to your physician everytime you expertise some heath challenge.

When you have main well being issues, we definitely advise you visiting your physician and getting the appropriate diagnose or drugs, if wanted.


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