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Kefir – Miraculous Food from Caucasus

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Kefir is a fermented product, made out of milk and similar to yogurt. All you want for making this wholesome beverage are simply kefir grains. These grains are usually not grains in any respect, however simply small, spherical trying cell constructions, by which are micro organism and yeast settled. Kefir may be very simple to make, however very first thing first – let’s see for what it’s good.

Well being Advantages of Kefir

This dairy product is rather like yogurt stuffed with probiotics and since fermenting processes change the constructions of protein within the milk, kefir may be very simple to digest. This product has additionally sturdy antibacterial properties, and it is rather protecting towards most cancers.

Kefir goes typically effectively with lactose illiberal folks, despite the fact that it’s made out of milk, and in relation to bronchial asthma and allergy, this drink has some wonderful results.

Easy methods to Make Kefir

For one cup you will want:

  • One cup milk
  • One teaspoon of kefir grains (The best method to discover kefir grains is from kefir-market buddy, so anybody who commonly makes kefir can have additional grains to spare. It’s also possible to discover them on-line or in some shops.)


  • One glass jar
  • Paper towel or serviette
  • Rubber band
  • Strainer (It’s best to be plastic, however it’s okay when you have a steel one too)
  • Container with lid


First, you must know to not make contact between the kefir and steel earlier than and after brewing.

First mix milk and kefir grains within the jar. Milk must be chilly or room temperature, and the jar must be clear.

Cowl the jar with a towel or serviette, and put a rubber band on to safe it.

Then you must retailer the jar someplace on the room temperature, however away from direct daylight. Strive checking on it on each few hours, and when milk will get thick and tangy, your kefir is prepared. Simply to know, it takes about 24 hours for this to occur. So, if it’s not prepared after 48 hours, pressure kefir grains and check out with new batch.

Now you must pressure kefir grains. Simply put a strainer over the container the place you wish to maintain the kefir and pressure the combination.

If you find yourself accomplished, you’ll be able to stir the grains into a brand new batch of milk and repeat entire course of once more. In case you don’t wish to make extra kefir, you’ll be able to put grains in milk, cowl it tightly and put it in fridge.

For one to 2 cups of kefir, you will want one tablespoon of grains, and one of the best milk to make use of it whole-fat cow, sheep or goat milk. Take pleasure in!


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