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Medicines Are Not Always the Solution: Determine the Cause of Headache and Then Cure It

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It’s at all times best to take a drugs when you’ve got a headache, however that isn’t the answer each time. It’s higher to search out the reason for your headache after which treatment it.

A few of the commonest causes of headache could be hungover, stress, not sporting glasses, ponytail and even intercourse.

After all, it there isn’t any bodily drawback behind it. So, when you have a headache, you shouldn’t fear, it’s in all probability nothing.

Listed below are some uncommon causes of complications:

Ham sandwich

Ham comprises excessive ranges of preservatives – tyramine, nitrates and nitrites – that encourage the influx of blood to the mind and the incidence of complications.

In contrast to basic migraine the place the ache often happens solely on one facet of the top, headache brought on by preservatives stimulates ache on either side. Headache can encourage and cheese, chocolate, processed meat and even some fruits, akin to pineapple.


Coughing, sneezing, blowing the nostril or bending could trigger headache, which is often felt behind the top. Medical doctors imagine that one % of the complications brought on by coughing, particularly amongst males.

Throughout the talked about actions the mind is underneath stress due to which the few strikes and involves the looks of ache. Though uncommon, this kind of headache could point out to some well being issues.

This sort of headache often happens with signs akin to neck ache, issues with steadiness, imaginative and prescient, listening to and insomnia.

Sizzling Bathe

Whereas these troubling complications brought on by irritation of the sinuses warmth of the bathe may help remove ache, some morning heat bathe could cause a headache.

Change in temperature causes a stress improve and stress on the mind, inflicting the ache happens 30 to 60 seconds after you’ve got began the bathe. Ache hardly ever lasts longer than 5 minutes. And excessive chilly could cause headache.


You probably have a scarcity of sleep, later you may really feel the headache that may final a short while otherwise you tormented all day. A research by the British Nationwide Hospital for Nervous Ailments in London. The principle reason for the drop in serotonin ranges.


After just a few hours of sporting a good ponytail, you may expertise complications. Pressure of connective tissue scalp results in ache. The identical impact can have plaits, slim hats, turbans and hair clips.


A research on the Heart for Headache in Turin confirmed that anxious individuals susceptible to migraines. Due to their temperament they don’t deal with stress properly, and so they have decrease ranges of serotonin. The result’s a headache.

Going to the hairdresser

Due to the predicament while you wash your head to the hairdresser, could trigger the nerve to trigger ache a day or two later. Thus, the trigger is commonly not seen.

The same scenario can happen as a consequence of improper positioning whereas on the telephone or sitting and not using a backrest that helps your decrease again.


In Spanish Salamanca College have confirmed that cigarettes could cause a headache. Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels within the mind that offers rise to ache.


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