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Rub Your Thumb and Index Finger for 60 Seconds

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Do you know you possibly can eliminate many well being points by solely rubbing your fingers?

It’d by no means happen to you that some elements of our physique are related to the opposite, and the wonderful consequence we will get by stimulating sure factors.

For instance, do you know you possibly can relieve from ache by rubbing your fingers?

The best results we get with massaging thumb and index finger. We encourage you to do that and see for your self.


Thumbs are related to coronary heart and lungs. Rub your thumbs and eliminate the ache in them.

Additionally, if you’re experiencing arrhythmia of shortness of breath, therapeutic massage your thumbs and expertise leads to 60 seconds.

Index finger

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When you’ve got issues together with your spleen or abdomen pains, strive massaging your index finger.

That is additionally efficient for constipation issues.

Index finger can be related to colon and abdomen, so if there are issues with constipation or diarrhea, rub your index finger for 60 seconds.


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