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Strength training for runners

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Runners merely want good posture, a steady physique, excessive power and the power to get this power out rapidly. In case your query is how typically to do that brief exercise, the reply is as soon as per week to take care of, twice to enhance, three for a bonus within the off season.


Use correct posture any more and observe balancing on a single leg as typically as you possibly can.

Push up – Three units, 10-20 reps

Do them on an unstable floor, because the instability makes your physique conscious. These may be accomplished in a plank place. Whereas your fingers are holding one thing like a dumbbell, be certain that the thumb is pointing ahead, which is able to make you rotate the shoulders and retract the shoulder blades.

Swiss Ball Russian twist – Three units, 10-14 reps

Place your fingers on a bench and have the ball below your toes in a plank place. Carry one foot off the ball, rotate it below and throughout your physique and again.

Pull-up – Three-sets, 10 reps

Do them from a hold with a large grip. Maintain your shoulder blades retracted, as you do the motion.


The workout routines under assist enhance neuromuscular coordination and hip stabilization, which is a essential factor for runners.

Clam-shells – 100 every day

Lie in your aspect and have your torso and pelvis perpendicular to the bottom. Afterwards, straighten your backbone and squeeze your glutes tight. Along with your toes resting on one another, carry solely the knee up so long as it’s not stage with the hip, and decrease the knee down. Be certain to maintain the glute contracted as you do that train.

Facet-Mendacity hip bridge – Three units, 10 reps

Use a chair, bench, or ideally a Swiss ball. Push the underside of your foot into the ball in order that your entire physique rises whereas holding the backbone steady.


Go for 4 units of eight reps max.

Again or entrance squat

Begin the motion by transferring your hips again. Maintain your knees pressed towards the entrance of a chair to maintain them from going ahead, which we don’t need.


This one helps construct explosive power, so attempt to do these as fast as doable.

Ninja Squat Jumps – Three units, 10 reps, twice per week

The objective is to land as softly as you possibly can. Leap on a field and step down, progress to leaping up and down. Notice that the peak of the field ought to begin at your shin’s midpoint and go as much as your higher thigh.

Lateral Leap – four units, 6 reps

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