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The 4 Big Benefits of Dandelion Tea

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As mentioned in our earlier article, dandelion has many medicinal advantages which may be consumed by making a tea from its roots. On this article, we’ll be going excessive 5 advantages you possibly can simply achieve from ingesting dandelion tea.1. It’s Anti-inflammatory

As confirmed by the US Nationwide Library of Medication, dandelion acts as an efficient anti-inflammatory, giving it a number of real-world functions. By brewing dandelion, ready for the tea to chill then making use of it on to the infected space you possibly can deal with swelling.

2. It’s an antioxidant¬†

A number of sources recommend that by ingesting dandelion tea, you possibly can promote a youthful look. That is largely as a result of its excessive focus of antioxidants, which work throughout the physique to flux impurities. Dandelion tea may be drunk to cleanse and detoxify the liver, kidneys, and abdomen, which can make it easier to really feel clearer and extra lively.

Dandelions’ antioxidants have additionally been proven to cut back the event of cataracts by concentrating on free radicals within the physique and stopping them from damaging cells.

three. It’s simply brewed right into a tonic

As per the recipe offered in our earlier article, brewing dandelion tea right into a tonic is simply as easy. To create a tonic, merely scale back the quantity of water and the quantity of dandelion to 50/50. Cube the dandelion root and leaves till advantageous, then add right into a blender with a bit of water to create a advantageous paste. Add the paste to a pot with the water and simmer till the water reduces to provide the identical paste texture.

Consuming this tonic, along with the detox advantages talked about above, has additionally been proven to extend general liver and kidney well being. The detox course of reduces general toxicity, however research featured within the Journal of Phytotherapy Analysis have proven that by ingesting tonic brewed from the foundation and leaves, you possibly can forestall injury from occurring to the liver by increase an general protection.

four. It makes you pee

Definitely a well-known trick from my faculty days, even smelling a dandelion for as little as 5 seconds can induce the necessity to urinate inside people. Though this may sound like a detrimental, once you urinate you’re in reality flushing toxins and undesirable chemical compounds out of your physique. By smelling or ingesting dandelion tea, you’ll improve the quantity you go to the lavatory and promote all-round well being.

We hope you’ve discovered this text attention-grabbing. For extra data on the advantages of dandelion tea, check out our different article.


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