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The Amazing Benefits of Oolong Tea & How to Use it

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Are you an individual who likes to calm down with a refreshing and soothing cup of tea? If that’s the case, then there are lots of causes to modify out of your common tea to oolong tea.

In addition to being a scrumptious drink, there are lots of advantages to ingesting this tea.

What are the well being advantages of oolong tea? Discover out on this article about oolong tea’s antioxidant and antibacterial properties which may help with weight reduction, scale back stress, handle blood sugar ranges, and keep a wholesome cardiovascular system.

What’s Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea (typically known as Wulong tea) is produced from the identical plant that black tea and inexperienced tea are made out of– the Camellia sinensis plant. Nevertheless, it’s produced in a barely totally different method.

Most tea leaves are produced by way of a strategy of oxidation whereby the leaves of the plant are softened after which gently rolled.

This begins a chemical response within the leaves which releases flavonoids, lipids, and amino acids. To cease the oxidation course of, the leaves are then heated.

Black tea leaves are oxidized which provides the tea its attribute deep brown coloration wealthy in tannins.

Then again, inexperienced tea leaves aren’t oxidized in any respect.

Oolong tea is someplace within the center. It’s produced by semi-oxidizing the tea leaves, leading to a distinct chemical construction from inexperienced tea (which has many well being advantages), however not as darkish and bitter as black tea. So, by ingesting oolong tea, you get the very best of each worlds.

One of many most important variations between oolong tea, black tea, and inexperienced tea is the quantity of L-theanine that it comprises. L-theanine is an amino acid which is just discovered within the Camellia Sinensis plant and the Boletus badius mushroom. Oolong tea can have as much as as a lot as 9.2 % of its dry weight from L-theanine.

Well being Advantages of Oolong Tea

All kinds of teas are wealthy in antioxidants and supply many well being advantages. Nevertheless, the best way that oolong tea is processed signifies that its well being advantages are significantly enhanced.

Let’s take a look on the many well being advantages of oolong tea.

1. Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

For hundreds of years, Conventional Chinese language Medication (TCM) has used oolong tea to assist folks reduce weight. There’s extra than simply anecdotal proof that oolong tea can really assist with weight reduction.

For instance, a research revealed within the Chinese language Journal of Integrative Medication confirmed that by introducing oolong tea into the food plan, physique fats in overweight folks was diminished.

Over a interval of 6 weeks, over 100 overweight folks took eight g of oolong tea each day. On the finish of the research over three/four of contributors had misplaced greater than 1 kg of weight, and a few greater than three kg.

There was additionally a notable lower in levels of cholesterol. It was concluded that oolong tea may lower physique fats content material and scale back physique weight by enhancing lipid metabolism.

It was additionally concluded that continued consumption of oolong tea might stop weight problems.

Different research have proven that the polyphenols in oolong tea may help scale back fats that accumulates across the physique’s important organs.

Historically, the Chinese language drink oolong tea together with their meal and this will have a helpful impact on weight administration.

The Journal of Vitamin carried out an experiment on males to look at how oolong tea impacts the physique’s metabolism.

The contributors got water, full-strength oolong tea, half-strength oolong tea, or water with caffeine, equal to quantity within the full-strength tea.

They needed to devour one glass 5 instances a day. It was discovered that metabolic fee and fats oxidation in those that had the full-strength oolong tea was considerably larger than the opposite drinks.

Plainly the catechins and polyphenols (each of that are antioxidants) together with caffeine4 in oolong tea assist the physique metabolize fats higher and extra effectively.

2. Oolong Tea for Sort 2 Diabetes.

The mix of antioxidant polyphenols and caffeine in oolong tea additionally assist to manage blood sugar ranges. Ingesting oolong tea might be an efficient approach to handle kind 2 diabetes.

The American Diabetes Affiliation revealed a analysis which confirmed that usually ingesting oolong tea has a optimistic impact in managing blood sugar ranges.

Within the research, the contributors continued taking their common diabetes remedy and one group of contributors consumed water usually and the opposite consumed robust oolong tea 5 instances a day. It was discovered that after one month the blood sugar ranges within the contributors who had the oolong tea considerably decreased.

Additional studying: You can even management kind 2 diabetes with these meals and spices, apple cider vinegar, or a particular food plan.

three. Doable Most cancers Prevention.

Tea, on the whole, is understood to assist scale back the danger of growing sure cancers.  That is as a result of excessive quantity of antioxidants in tea which assist to kill off free radicals within the physique.

The journal Most cancers Epidemiology reported on the outcomes of 1 research which confirmed that common tea consumption reduces the danger of ovarian most cancers.

The polyphenols in tea have additionally been cited to have helpful results on prostate most cancers 9, may help stop esophageal and lung cancers 10, and one research confirmed that an oolong tea extract killed off cancers cell in abdomen most cancers.

Additional studying: You can even use chamomile tea to modify off most cancers cells, grape seed extract, and ginger root.

four. Antioxidative Actions of Oolong Tea.

So as to maintain wholesome and forestall the danger of growing numerous illnesses, it is very important have a food plan wealthy in antioxidants. There was particular analysis carried out onto the antioxidative properties of oolong tea which have discovered that it has robust antioxidant properties.

One other research checked the anti-oxidant exercise of oolong tea utilizing human low-density lipoprotein (LDL). The research concluded that oolong tea has helpful results on well being attributable to its anti-oxidative motion.

5. Oolong Tea for Coronary heart Illness.

Coronary artery illness is the place plaque builds up contained in the coronary arteries. This could result in angina and a coronary heart assault. Nevertheless, a research confirmed that by ingesting round 33 fl oz (1 liter) of oolong tea each day an individual can scale back the danger of plaque buildup within the arteries.

Researchers have additionally discovered that oolong tea helps to scale back the danger of demise from numerous cardiovascular illnesses.

The way to Make Oolong Tea.

It is vitally straightforward to take pleasure in all of the well being advantages of oolong tea.

You should purchase a ready-made oolong tea luggage, or you possibly can put together it utilizing unfastened oolong leaf (like this one).

As a result of unfastened oolong tea is available in totally different leaf shapes, it’s onerous to decide on one-size-fits-all technique for getting ready the tea, however as a common guideline for every cup or 6 oz (180 ml) water use 1-2 tsp if the tea is rolled into balls and as much as 2 tablespoons if it comes as complete or damaged leaves.

Warmth the water to 185– 205ºF (85– 96ºC) which is the best temperature for brewing oolong tea with out breaking down its fragrant substances.

Steep it for 2 to 5 minutes, relying on how concentrated you need your tea.

It is suggested to maintain the lid on in order that the medicinal properties are saved within the tea.

Oolong Tea and Caffeine.

One concern that some folks have is in regards to the quantity of caffeine in oolong tea. One cup of oolong tea comprises between 50-75 mg of caffeine. That is barely greater than inexperienced tea and barely lower than black tea.

Oolong Tea– Precautions.

One of many precautions of consuming massive quantities of oolong tea is because of its caffeine content material. Caffeine can have an effect on folks in numerous methods, however ingesting greater than 5 cups of oolong tea a day may cause an individual to really feel the results of an excessive amount of caffeine. These negative effects may very well be complications, sleep issues, and nervousness.

Individuals with hypertension must also watch out in regards to the quantity of caffeine they devour. Nevertheless, this doesn’t appear to occur in individuals who don’t have hypertension and usually drink oolong tea.

Ingesting an excessive amount of oolong tea can even trigger calcium to be flushed out of the physique. Subsequently, you probably have osteoporosis, it’s best to not drink greater than three cups per day.

In accordance with WebMD, oolong tea in small quantities might be not dangerous for pregnant girls or girls who breastfeed, and it is strongly recommended to not drink greater than 2 cups a day of oolong tea.


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