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This Remedy Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy

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Do you know that lemon and baking soda are more practical than chemotherapy? This combo is stronger most cancers killer than chemotherapy and 10,000 stronger. Lemon is confirmed anti-cancer agent since he makes the sturdy alkaline setting in our physique. Tumors can not exist on this setting.

Tumors and cysts are fed by issues that make the acidic setting and if the physique is acidic, tumors can develop. However, after we lower the circulate of acidity in our organism, the tumor doesn’t get the meals and it’ll cease rising. Due to that, baking soda in a mixture with lemon is an effective way to battle most cancers.

This superb truth was found in 1923 by Otto Heinrich Warburg, a German scientist. He even obtained the Nobel prize for his medication in opposition to most cancers, however folks nonetheless don’t know the reality.

Warburg found that the basis explanation for most cancers is an excessive amount of acidity. We eat an excessive amount of meals that causes it and in a mixture of not exercising, our physique makes acidic setting. The answer to this downside is our food regimen.

What to eat in smaller quantities?

  • Refined sugar and all of its derivatives. Sugar is the worst as a result of it doesn’t have nutritional vitamins, minerals, simply solely refined carbohydrates. Sugar’s pH is 2,1.
  • All of the meat and merchandise of animal origin. Meaning milk, cheese, yogurt and every part else.
  • Refined salt, refunded flour and all derivate of flour, comparable to desserts, cookies and pasta.
  • Bread, margarine, caffeine, alcohol and different refined meals with preservatives, aromas, and different dangerous chemical compounds.

What to eat extra?

  • Baking soda and lemon
  • Fruit
  • Uncooked greens
  • Almonds
  • Integral grains – you’ll be able to prepare dinner them.
  • Honey
  • Water – it is extremely vital since being hydrated is nice for alkalizing the physique.
  • Train – it’s going to assist in getting your physique alkalized.

Chemotherapy usually means dying because it makes your physique acidic, so your physique has to get all of the reserves of the minerals in tooth, bones, nails, and hair, and, in consequence, we get bodily adjustments in sufferers. So, it’s higher to make use of baking soda and lemon to treatment this critical illness.


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