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Tomatoes – Food and Medicine

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Think about your self sitting within the gazebo, the solar is shining and also you’re indulging your self with large, juicy, scrumptious tomatoes out of your natural backyard!

Learn how to develop these tomatoes?

Easy! With just a little love and a focus, spiced with fertile soil will end in a scrumptious, large tomatoes.

Tomato is a nightshade household vegetable, originating from South America. Firstly it was served as a spice, and it was used as a medication. Solely 200 years in the past tomato discovered its place within the kitchen. Technically tomato is a fruit, however from the culinary standpoint it’s a vegetable.

Tomato is a plant that has a lot of completely different varieties: they differ in top (from 20 cm to 2 meters), in coloration (pink, pink, white, black, inexperienced, and yellow, orange, tabby), and the form of the fruit (spherical, oval, pear-shaped, elongated, wrinkled …). They differ in leaves form, in flowers and fruits preparations.

In case you develop a number of forms of tomatoes, you’ll discover that they don’t seem to be all the identical flavors – some are sweeter, some saltier, some juicy, some watery.

Tomatoes – meals and medication

Lycopene (an antioxidant that offers tomatoes their pink coloration) protects in opposition to coronary heart assaults, heart problems, dementia and most cancers and has a helpful impact on the prostate.

Tomato stimulates elimination of extra water from the physique and is really useful for rheumatism, gout, kidney stones, gall bladder and bag.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that individuals who day by day eat tomatoes or tomato merchandise are extra proof against the dangerous results of solar rays.

It’s scientifically confirmed that the degrees of flavonoids are by 97% larger in organically grown tomatoes than within the fruit which is grown in a traditional method.

Tomato pulp is a wonderful for shiny pores and skin; sliced ​​fruits are wonderful for pledget as first support for burns.

Tomato has a low vitality worth – solely 2 energy per 100 grams, which makes it a superb meals to drop a few pounds.

Tomatoes are wealthy in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Wealthy in nutritional vitamins C, B1, B6, B3, niacin, folic acid, vitamin C, and has essentially the most carotene (provitamin A).

Learn how to develop tomatoes in a pot on the balcony


Lots of you would possibly say, “I shouldn’t have a backyard, so I can not develop tomatoes.“

Don’t despair! To be a proud proprietor of tomatoes you don’t have to have a backyard.

The excellent news is that tomatoes develop within the balcony! The one requirement is that your balcony want is loads of solar and you’ll choose the advantages of tomatoes all summer time lengthy!

Earlier than you resolve to plant tomatoes within the balcony, ask what sort of tomatoes develop greatest within the balcony. For instance, the variability names Minibel supposed for planting a small house – resembling balconies. This species grows to be about 30 cm in top. The fruits are scrumptious.

Decide by which container you’ll plant the tomatoes. The very best pots are plastic or fiberglass. Plastic pots are a good selection due to its low price and comfort. Clay pots are usually not good since they soak up the water supposed for tomatoes.

Make sure that the pots by which you plant the tomatoes are deep sufficient. The depth of eight cm is absolutely the minimal, whereas a pot of 12 and even 16 cm is a wonderful alternative.

When you choose a pot, be certain that it drains. Tomatoes will rotten if stored within the moist floor. Most store-bought pots have already got pre-drilled holes within the backside.

Fill the pot with compost and high quality soil, and plant tomatoes. When the plant begins to develop, tie it to a stick. The picket will assist your vegetation preserve stability and stability.

Water your tomatoes repeatedly. How have you learnt when it’s time for watering? Put your finger into the bottom, if the primary 2 cm of the soil is dry, it’s time for watering.

It’s needed so as to add compost to soil with the intention to get a greater yield. Each time you water your plant, water washes away a certain quantity of vitamins from the soil. Soil must be enriched as soon as a month.

By rising tomatoes within the pot, you’ll keep away from many ailments that assault them from the bottom.

In case you sow tomatoes within the pot, plant in late February and go away in heat, however with a compulsory interval of adaptation to exterior circumstances.

When the climate will get hotter, it’s essential to take the pots out within the solar, to undertake the vegetation twice a day, and over the night time at all times convey the pots inside. Thus, the vegetation will slowly adapt to exterior circumstances.

When the hazard of freezing stops and nighttime temperatures rise above 10 ° C, you’ll be able to transfer the tomatoes within the balcony.

Learn how to develop eco tomatoes within the backyard


Tomato is a plant which enjoys the solar and moist. It’s grown from seed or from seedlings produced in unheated, protected space. Good seedlings are about 25 cm excessive, thick about 1 cm on the backside.

If you buy tomato seedlings for the backyard, go for wholesome inexperienced vegetation with thick stems with out fruits and ideally with out flowers.

Tomatoes may be planted within the backyard flowerbeds when the hazard of freezing stops. Often that is the second half of April. You probably have a greenhouse, you’ll be able to plant earlier.

A very powerful for the plant is to maintain it heat and repeatedly watered. Plant your tomatoes within the soil wealthy in natural fertilizer – compost.

Tomato vegetation have a big root and subsequently must be planted in deeply dug up soil. Line spacing must be 60 – 80 cm and between vegetation 30 – 50 cm.

How profitable will the rising of the tomatoes within the backyard be relies upon solely on the temperature. The optimum temperature for the germination of the seed is between 25 °C and 30°C. For development and improvement of seedlings want 18 to 25 ° C in the course of the day and about 15°C at night time.

At a temperature decrease than 10 ° C rising and blooming cease. Tomato may be very delicate to frost and dies already at -1 ° C.

Tomato plant may be very demanding when it comes to mild. It wants at the least 12 hours of sunshine a day. In any other case, the plant is poorly developed and yield is poor too.

If tomato seedlings rise excessive however are weak, it implies that they lack the sunshine – you in all probability planted them in flawed place.

Tomatoes demand moist. When planting, consider floor irrigation to make sure yield in case of doable drought. If the plant is left with out water, the leaves will fall off; flowers and fruit is not going to develop correctly.

Tomatoes are greatest when watered with rainwater.

To be able to give numerous nice wholesome fruits isn’t sufficient to plant it in high quality soil enriched with compost, however to moreover enrich soil a number of occasions: firstly fertilize when the fruits develop, and the second time when the primary fruits start to ripe. It’s higher to counterpoint soil with pure compost.

When harvesting, minimize it with scissors. This manner you’ll not harm the neighboring immature fruit.

Greatest time for harvesting is early within the morning or night hours. At the moment the fruits is not going to be dewy or sizzling. These tomatoes which can be darkish pink in coloration are the perfect. Harvested tomato is greatest used instantly. On the finish of the harvesting season even inexperienced fruits may be picked, after which saved in a cool place.

 Ailments and pests


The commonest illness that tomatoes endure from is blight.

Downy mildew is a fungal illness. It expands when there’s an excessive amount of moisture, so the plant is affected, often after rain. Downy principally impacts tomatoes and potatoes.

Along with downy mildew, tomato may be attacked by the spiders. It usually happens throughout extreme droughts. Higher facet of leaves seem whitish smaller or bigger spots, and on their reverse it’s seen a nice off-white yarn by which there are spiders, their larvae and eggs.

The leaves start to appear to be marble and later turn into whitish and dried. With the dried leaves, spider is shifting towards the highest of the leaves of younger vegetation. The fruits stay small and alter form.

In case you react in time, within the preliminary stage of the illness, the plant may be saved. As soon as a plant is contaminated, it’s needed to right away take away all diseased plant elements and burn them.

What it is best to do is attempt to forestall an infection. It may be executed by caring for the soil, as a result of it’s the foundation for a wholesome development.

If the plant has a breeding floor, it will likely be resistant and fewer more likely to turn into contaminated. Water tomato with liquid fertilizer manufactured from nettle vegetation as soon as every week.

Spray them repeatedly with tea manufactured from ​​horsetail. Horsetail comprises plenty of silica and may forestall fungal ailments.

Tomatoes are sometimes assault by Colorado potato beetle. It’s not really useful to plant tomatoes and potatoes subsequent to at least one one other due to the frequent pests and ailments.

Potato beetle will select potatoes first, and within the late summer time they start attacking tomatoes and eggplants.

The simplest strategy to battle Colorado potato beetles is to mechanically take away them out of your vegetation. Once they sense hazard, they freeze and fall off from the plant to the bottom and play useless. Then you will have the possibility to choose them up and take them to a different place the place they won’t do hurt.

Apart from potato beetle, tomatoes may be attacked by numerous sorts of bugs and caterpillars.

Aphids may be eliminated with water. This process must be carried out within the morning. If this doesn’t assist, you need to use among the pure treatments.

To battle aphids, rust, mud mites, caterpillars and ants, soak 300g wormwood recent leaves and flowers or 30g of dried wormwood into 10 liters of water (ideally rainwater).  Depart wormwood soaked in water for 2-Three days, after which repeatedly spray your tomatoes.

 Compatibility with different vegetation

Tomatoes develop very properly with some vegetation. Tomatoes grown within the neighborhood of basil, marigold, onion, parsley, carrots, and asparagus are nice. Tomatoes don’t wish to be within the firm of potatoes, cabbage, peas and fennel.

Amassing seeds


Choosing the tomatoes to maintain the seeds from it is vitally necessary. In case your tomato is low high quality, it is mindless to maintain the seeds.

Take the seeds from absolutely ripe tomatoes, however once more not too mature. The seeds of ripe tomatoes might already be within the germination stage or rotting.

Seeds from tomatoes rinse with water, go away to empty, placed on paper, and let it dry fully.

Helpful recommendation

To take pleasure in your tomatoes even within the autumn, you have to cowl them with foil within the September, to guard them from freezing.


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