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Top 5 Bicep Training Mistakes & How To Correct Them

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Biceps are like burgers. Everybody loves them. Ask a toddler to make a muscle and she or he will strike a biceps shot.

Bi’s aren’t solely synonymous with posing, but in addition with train and after your first yr within the fitness center, you’ve most likely learn, heard or absorbed a lot about curling that you simply’re tempted to skip forward. Don’t.

This text is for you, as a result of it’s probably you’re making a minimum of among the following errors.

This month, we’ll look at probably the most frequent biceps coaching blunders and lay out a plan for correcting every in order that your curling course earns you an A in gun positive aspects.

1. Dishonest too early

Biceps curls are most likely the best workouts to cheat. At any time when your arms aren’t resting on a bench (as throughout a preacher or machine curl), all it takes is slightly swing to shift some pressure out of your arms to your entrance delts and make a tough rep simpler.

Dishonest is a beneficial software for pushing units past strict, fullrep failure, however in case you achieve this earlier than then, it’s unlikely you’ll ever completely stress your bi’s.

In an effort to hump up heavier weights than they may in any other case use, many bodybuilders begin dishonest on curls from rep primary and improve their swinging because the set wears on.


  • Do strict reps till you attain failure. If obligatory, stand along with your again in opposition to a wall throughout barbell or EZbar curls and/or press your elbows in opposition to your sides.
  • To take away your legs and hips from the motion, do dumbbell curls whereas seated.
  • To push units past strict, fullrep failure, do two or three additional reps with a slight arm swing.

2. Doing an excessive amount of

The recognition of biceps doesn’t make them any bigger in relation to their friends. In contrast along with your lats and quadriceps, your bi’s are puny, so in case you’re pumping out as many units in your biceps exercise as your again exercise, you’re probably piling on the “little guys.”

Greater than another muscle groups, biceps are frequent victims of overtraining, which halts and even reverses their positive aspects.


  • Newbies ought to do solely six units for biceps. After 4 months of coaching, you possibly can regularly add units.
  • Superior bodybuilders ought to sometimes do 9 to 12 units for biceps.
  • At most, push solely the ultimate set of an train past failure through strategies like dishonest, pressured reps, negatives and drop units.

three. Lacking the goal

Extra pabulum has been revealed about arm coaching than another bodypart. For instance, not way back it was preached as gospel that to intensify your decrease biceps, “thou shalt do preacher curls” and to intensify your biceps peaks, “thou shalt do focus curls.

” Neither “tenet” is true, so it’s no surprise that so many bodybuilders fireplace off curls however miss their supposed targets.

In truth, you possibly can’t put any higher emphasis in your decrease biceps than the remainder of the muscle, and merely specializing in peak contractions gained’t increase your peaks.


  • Deal with the 2 heads of your biceps, which relaxation aspect by aspect.
  • Carry out biceps curls with a grip that retains the pinkies even with or increased than the opposite fingers to higher recruit the biceps brachii brief head (internal aspect). You additionally use the brief head extra whenever you take a large grip on the bar.
  • Carry out curls with the thumbs increased than the pinkies– as when taking an angled grip on an EZbar or when utilizing a parallel grip for hammer curls– to higher goal the biceps brachii lengthy head (outer aspect). You additionally have interaction the lengthy head extra whenever you take a slender grip on a bar. Rising the lengthy head can enhance the slope of your biceps, thus accentuating the height in poses such because the entrance double biceps.

Don’t anticipate to go from flat to barbed if it’s not preordained in your DNA, as a result of the form of your biceps is essentially genetic.

You must focus as a substitute on maximizing bi measurement.

four. Not incorporating adequate selection

Though the biceps are easy, twoheaded muscle groups focused virtually solely through curls, you continue to have to carry out varied varieties of curls to correctly tax the manifold fibers. Too many bodybuilders get in a lazy sample of doing, for instance, all standing, bilateral, freeweight curls.


  • Do one EZbar or barbell curl train, one dumbbell curl train, and one machine or cable curl train every exercise.
  • Do one of many workouts standing, one seated and one with the working arm( s) restricted in opposition to your physique or a bench.
  • Do a minimum of one unilateral train every biceps exercise.

Occasionally, do a novel train– comparable to drag curls, underhand chinups and cord hammer curls– to hit your bi’s from completely different angles.

5. Skimping on contractions

The contraction is the essential part of a curl, so it’s unlucky that so many bodybuilders by no means really flex their bi’s in opposition to resistance. Usually, it is because they use an excessive amount of weight and carry out their reps shortly and with extreme momentum.


  • Use a weight you possibly can handle for eight to 12 strict, full reps.
  • Curl slowly. Take roughly two seconds to lift the load, maintain the contraction for one second, then take roughly two seconds to decrease the load.
  • Throughout dumbbell curls, supinate your wrists in order that your palms are dealing with your sides on the backside of the motion and dealing with up on the contraction.
  • Make each curl a “focus curl” by flexing your biceps at every contraction.

Classes Discovered

  • Carry out strict, full reps. Cheat solely to increase a set.
  • Use low to reasonable quantity.
  • Goal your outer head to intensify your bi peaks.
  • Do dissimilar varieties of curls in the identical exercise. Management the load and emphasize contractions.
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