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Ukrainian Academician Boris Boltov Claims This Mixture Can Cure Every Initial Stadium Of Cancer

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Although this recipe can’t treatment extra extreme stadiums of most cancers, however it may assist with preliminary stadium if found on time. It’s straightforward to make, and you’ll simply discover all of the substances.

For this recipe you have to:

  • Glass of dried leaves celandine
  • Glass of sugar
  • three liters of goat whey
  • One teaspoon of recent, natural bitter cream


You’ll need to make a bag from a chunk of gauze and put celandine in it and one rock. Put the bag on the underside of an enormous jar. It is advisable put the rock so the bag gained’t float once you pour goat whey. Add bitter cream, sugar and goat whey. Put a number of layers of gauze on the jar and tighten it with a rubber band. Let the jar keep at the hours of darkness, scorching place throughout two weeks.

After two weeks, kvass is completed and it’ll assist with regeneration and cleaning your organism. Drink it half an hour earlier than meal, and it is advisable to drink a half glass of this drink. It’ll regenerate epithelium of your digestive system. Kvass will eradicate all of the heavy metals and radionuclides. Additionally, it can eliminate tumor cells and stop metastasis.

Academician Boltov recommends this beverage for all of the residents who stay within the areas struck by nuclear radiations.


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